Yummy French Toast Grilled Cheese

Yummy French Toast Grilled Cheese

French Toast Grilled Cheese

You come home and there's nothing to eat. Wait a minute, you find some bread, eggs, butter, sliced cheese, milk...... instant dinner. This grilled cheese recipe is not the ordinary kind. You create the grilled cheese, and then dip the sandwich in the egg mixture on both sides and place on the griddle till golden brown and completely cooked, puffy and deliciously mouthwatering.

Here is what you'll need:

2 slices of any type bread (same size)


1 egg, beaten per sandwich

1 Tbsp milk

Salt and pepper to taste

2 slices of American, Swiss, Jack, Provolone or munster cheese per sandwich


Prepare bread and cheese sandwiches.  Spread 1 tsp mayonnaise on outside of both sides of bread. Add your favorite cheese in the middle.

In large bowl, beat the eggs till frothy, season with S&P. Dip the sandwich on both sides. Place on prepared frying pan or griddle. (No need to add butter to grill, the mayonnaise will do fine.)

Lower the heat to medium and cook till golden. Use your spatula to flip. 

Careful not to burn!

Serve with bacon, tomatoes, or a small salad.

Dinner or Lunch is served.