Welcome to my first food blog!

Hello everyone.  I am a foodie that loves to cook for my husband, who loves to eat. My background in cooking is learning from  a mother who was an excellent cook. I watched her and learned how to turn everyday ingredients to tasty mouthwatering delights. My family emigrated to NY from Bari, Italy in 1956. I taught children and adult cooking classes.

Please try my recipes or ask me cooking questions. 

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Why title my blog, "Cooking with Love"?

I gave it the title because if you're cooking food to survive, it's going to taste that way.

When I started working part-time, my son came to me one day and said, "mommy your cooking doesn't taste the same". I asked what was so different? He responded that he just didn't taste the love.

When you cook, remember to create the food with love for yourself and the people you are cooking for.

Here's me and my papa after arriving to America.

Here's me and my papa after arriving to America.

Here we are, my two sisters and my American cousin. Our first Christmas in America.

Here we are, my two sisters and my American cousin. Our first Christmas in America.


06.10.2022 23:14


Looking for the tuna, caper, pasta recipe, please!

07.10.2022 18:55

Jan Conte

Look at the pasta list for linguine and tuna. Happy cooking! Let me know how you like it.

01.06.2022 13:09

Lorie Southerland

Hello, I'm so happy I'm here, I love to cook and love to try new recipes.

17.04.2022 00:14

Sondra Brown

Love your recipes!

05.11.2022 18:17

Jan Conte

Thank you Sandra!

26.01.2022 01:01

Dianna Williams

Hi Jan! I’m a Cresswind neighbor and Gail Wargo told me about your food blog. Hoping to find and try some new recipes here! Hope you teach a cooking class in the neighborhood one day.

26.01.2022 15:25

Jan Conte

Hi Dianna, thank you for reading my blog. I hope you try some of my recipes. I did a demo 2 years ago before the pandemic. I would do another demo when things have calmed down. Thanks again.

05.01.2022 22:35

Gail Wargo

Oh my goodness, Jan, I am so excited to see your blog and can’t wait to work my way through your recipes. Your biscotti was heavenly! Thanks for doing this.

06.01.2022 18:41

Jan Conte

Thank you, thank you. I'm having fun sharing my stories and food that is nostalgic to me. I'm glad you are excited about my blog!!!

15.12.2021 23:36

judy knight

I made your Chicken Scarpariello recipe tonight. It was sooooo good and the house smelled heavenly. All those different ingredients made it so delicious! Thank you

16.12.2021 06:15

Jan Conte

So glad you tried it. Thank you for your comment. I really appreciate the feed back. Keep cooking!

28.11.2021 21:28

Carol Epperley

I looked at your recipe for traditional lasagna and itis not very different from the one I have. I was looking for one with hard boiled eggs in the lasagna. I do use a beaten egg in my lasagna

21.08.2021 01:10

Rita neal

i love to cook,

02.11.2021 18:15

Jan Conte

Hi Fran, thank you for checking out my food blog. I love to make delicious food and write about it. Looking forward to our new friendship....

02.11.2021 02:27

Fran Cava

Can’t wait to follow you and to enjoy learning and cooking with a fabulous new friend!

21.08.2021 01:16

rita Neal

i hear you cook great'

13.02.2021 14:25

Jean Malcom

Your Omelette appetiezer sounds yummy, thanks for sharing

06.01.2021 20:46

Jan Conte

Hi Susan, thank you for giving my blog a go. Hope you enjoy it. Thanks again.