Chili Dip

You will add this to your appetizer repertoire because there are only a few ingredients. It does not look appetizing, however, once your guests taste it, they won't be able to stop. Let's start ......

1 can of Hormel chili with NO BEANS

1 8 oz bar of cream cheese

2 Tbsp jarred chilli sauce (you can make this as spicy as you want)

1 can of baked beans, rinsed

Put all ingredients in a microwave safe bowl.

Melt all through and mix well.

Serve with tortilla chips, pita chips, or celery sticks 

You'll be making this again, for sure.

Ugly but delicious chili dip

Ugly but delicious chili dip


02.09.2019 16:58

Maria from Massapequa

Love this dip but I use the Hormel chili WITH beans instead! Watch out air quality!!!!

02.09.2019 19:58

Jan Conte

The original recipe is NO BEANS, however, I wanted to stretch the dip. It did, but I usually don't add beans and hot chili spread. People did like a little heat. Thanks for your comment.