Fresh out of the oven.... smells so good.

Fresh out of the oven.... smells so good.

Chicken and Potatoes ala Mama

There is nothing else more comforting than chicken and potatoes.

Mom always used butter, not oil. The taste is wonderful.

The most important part of preparing this dish is cooking the chicken till crispy and golden.

Also, the potatoes should be either red bliss or white potatoes. Let's get started.


1 whole organic chicken, cut up into 8 parts patted dry

1 whole white onion sliced into wedges

1 clove of garlic, sliced

3 pounds potatoes, about 4-5, cut into wedges (if you're using small potatoes, cut in half)

Dry oregano

Fresh parsley

Sliced sweet butter, about 10 tablespoons

Salt and pepper to taste