Cooking with Love

with Gianna Conte (Jan)

Cooking with Love

with Gianna Conte (Jan)

Fall brings beautiful colored leaves, which in turn fall off and create a blanket of nature's tapestry.

Apple Picking makes for good pie baking

Every year we would take our children apple picking. As soon as we came home, the apples needed to be tested in a pie crust.....yum.


Here we are apple picking with my sister in law and brother in law in 1987.

One bad apple can spoil the barrel...

Believe it or not, the apples from this orchard were the worst apples, ever.  We came back home and started to bake the pie. They videotaped me mimicking Julia Child. We had so many laughs taping. When we settled down, we had dinner and brought out the pie....oh how embarrassing - the pie was inedible. We threw away all our apples.  The birds got to enjoy them.


Apple pie with one crust.....

Pooh is on the mark with this sentiment. Last November I had to say goodbye to my best friend 😔💙💙

My signature Apple Crumb pie

Golden French Apple cake fits the bill in the Fall...

Start the day with elegant French toast topped with cooked apples