Cooking with Love

with Gianna Conte (Jan)

Cooking with Love

with Gianna Conte (Jan)

September 2022 Newsletter

New York will never be the same.

A tribute to all who have been affected by the 9/11 disaster.

I remember being at work on a beautiful Tuesday morning.  One of our teachers called to ask a question and gasped while watching her TV. She told us to get to a TV as fast as we could.

Like everyone else, we thought a pilot misjudged the tower.

So many lives were lost that day and many died from the complications of the funes and smoke years later.

The only positive thing after a horrific attack was that of the American spirit. Americans stood together, helped one another, cried together, showed our patriotism in flying our flag everywhere; our cars, our homes, our schools, churches, houses of worship.

We mourned our fellow Americans as if we were all related.


30 Hath September, April, June, November. All the rest have 31, except February having 28, on leap year 29.

September 2022! Cannot believe it's already the Fall. As a young person, the summer would fly. September meant school is in session. My children loved school. They got excited to buy new school supplies. Every year their new teacher would send home a list of what to bring on the first day of school. 

My children were very serious and had to buy the best notebook, best calculator, school bag, pencils, pens, yadda yadda. When I was their age, my mom bought all my school supplies from Nats school supplies in the neighborhood. We also went to Jacks toystore and Woolworths.

Coming home from school was exhausting. Between my new shoes hurting my feet and so hot from the dress I was wearing, I came home and collapsed. But, first I had to have a snack 😋

A snack in my moms house was not cookies, or candy. It was a great big sandwich. 

Here's a sample of what kind a sandwich I would have.

The dark crusty outside with soft tasty inside.

Mortadella is a must

Ripe slices of tomato

A little bit of mayo is just the right dressing.

My best friend Vinnie on the last birthday I shared with her in 2018. Her birthday is September 1st. I miss her so much..

Happy Birthday in Heaven Vinnie

Losing my best friend this year reminded me how precious life is. We feel that the people in our life will always be there. My life will never be the same without the security of always having her to go to just because.....a best friend is there to shoot your mouth off about your husband, your kids, your parents and not judge you. Your best friend is there because she wants to be there.

Your family is there, however, they'll judge you and reprimand you. You could even stay quiet and communicate with your best friend without words....if you have a best friend, call her.... don't assume she'll be there forever.