Cooking with Love

with Gianna Conte (Jan)

Cooking with Love

with Gianna Conte (Jan)

Hello June

I'm feeling kind of meloncholy at this time. Our country is going through so many changes, BUT eating good food is a must! Let's remember to feed our bodies with food that makes us feel good.

June was a popular month between Father's Day and my daughter's birthday.

Vanessa's birthday, always made homemade cake.

Elephant carousel cake

Every year I would ask what kind of cake should I make. This time, she wanted animals. I decided to create marshmallow elephants for decoration, creating a carousel using a plastic straw and red ribbons.

The filling was chocolate in a white cake. I made pink icing for my girly girl.

She loved it and she enjoyed the marshmallow elephants!



Her brother was always by her side.

Me, my sister and the birthday girl

Grandma Conte, Paul, Tony and Sissy and the birthday girl!

Chocolate pudding filled Birthday Cake

Here's the recipe for this chocolate cake with chocolate and vanilla filling:

1 box chocolate cake mix - follow box directions, except for the addition of 1/4 cup of sour cream blended into the batter.

1 chocolate pudding mix, prepared (I add 1 TBS of pure cocoa)

1 vanilla pudding mix, prepared (I add 1 tsp pure vanilla)

After cooking the two layers of cake, with sharp long knife, carefully cut layer.*

Fill with prepared chocolate pudding between one of the cakes. Do the same for the remaining cake with the vanilla pudding.


One 12 oz bag of chocolate chips

1 cup heavy cream

1 tsp vanilla

In microwave, carefully melt the chocolate chips with the heavy cream. Be very CAREFUL not to burn the chocolate chips. Add the vanilla and stir until completely smooth.

Frost the prepared and filled cake. Do the sides first and then the top.

*You can cut the layers of the cake with unwaxed dental floss.

Two years old!


Graduations are the milestones that should be celebrated. I graduated from High School in 1969

Look at that hairdo. That's a long time ago.


My older sister Grace, got married on June 4. She was a beautiful bride. I was her maid of honor. Andy was a groomsmen.

Graduation Day, June 1969