Cooking with Love

with Gianna Conte (Jan)

Cooking with Love

with Gianna Conte (Jan)

February brings thoughts of love ❣️

February 2022 Newsletter

February symbolizes love, whether it's love of your family or love of your friends or just loving life......the love of food has its own definition.  Some of us live to eat and some of us eat to live.  I know that I loved food since I was very young. I loved the aromas of my mother's kitchen. To this day, whenever I have a pot of sauce/gravy on the stove, it brings me right back to childhood.

Our family had a lot of February birthdays. My baby sister is February 13, my son is February 7, my nephew is also February 13. In my neighborhood, we had birthday parties, so February was a busy month which meant lots of treats and cakes.

My older sister would make my baby sister's birthday cake every year, especially shaped like a heart. It's very easy. You bake a round cake and a square cake. When cooled, cut the round cake in half. Attach half on each side of the square, turned to the diamond side.

Cover with your favorite frosting or just plain whipped cream topping. You can sprinkle with red fine sprinkles. Instant Valentine's Day cake!

I made all kinds of cakes for my son's February birthday.

One round, one square....

Cut round cake inhalf

Two February birthday boys, 6 days apart.

Yay, a heart 💜❤️

Paul, February birthday boy.

You can decorate it fancy, too!

Candy candy candy

When my children were in school, I taught a cooking and candy making class after school. I taught K-6 graders.

I taught the children how to make chocolate. One of their favorites were the clusters.


1 lb of melting milk or dark chocolate

1 cup chopped pretzels (salted)

1 cup salted peanuts

1/2 cup raisins


In large bowl, over double boiler, melt chocolate until nice a smooth.

Add remaining ingredients. Toss very well till completely covered.

On parchment lined cookie sheet, or small muffin liners, place teaspoonfuls into clusters as large as you like.

After filling, let dry either in the refrigerator till completely dry. Don't touch! Should only take about 20 minutes the most.

These are delicious and will be eaten really fast.


Dark chocolate clusters...mmm