Cooking with Love

with Gianna Conte (Jan)

Cooking with Love

with Gianna Conte (Jan)

December 2021 Newsletter

It's been a very emotional time for me. My best friend of 60 years has passed away. I am paying homage to her in this newsletter since she has been in my life for most of my life.

Her father was like a father to me. He drove a big checker cab. When we went out on a Saturday night, he would drive us to the dance. He really wanted to check out the place and make sure we were safe. We asked him to let us off a few blocks away. No problem, he would tell us. After a while, we would see that big yellow checker cab around the corner; he couldn't hide. On one occasion, after getting in his cab he would comment on what perfume we were wearing. I told him "Here's My Heart". He responded, get that stuff off, you smell like a prostitute. I pick up a lot of prostitutes in the city, and they all smell like that. I was devastated, so I threw out the bottle when I got home. 

RIP   Vinnie...till we meet again.

Vinnie - at 16.....she loved big earrings!

Vinnie & Jerry New Years Eve 2007

More like a bff Vinnie

Vinnie reminds me of Elizabeth Taylor here.

Vinnie's husband is the cook in her family and I shared my love of cooking with him. Every Christmas Eve I call him and asked what was on his menu.

He prepared all day for the final traditional fish dinner.


Here is Jerry with the pulpo (octopus) ready to be cooked.

Vinnie at her daughter's wedding.

Aunt Jan's Crumb Cake

Every single time I visited Vinnie, her family requested my crumb cake. At parties, I would make two. Vinnie's children and grandchildren loved my crumb cake.

Aunt Jan's Crumb cake....a favorite