Cooking with Love

with Gianna Conte (Jan)

Cooking with Love

with Gianna Conte (Jan)

September 2021 Newsletter

Well, here we are in September with summer weather still here. Living in Georgia, I'm still adjusting to the extended warm and bright days filled with sunshine and beautiful sunsets. 

I feel very nostalgic when I see pumpkins and Halloween candy being sold in September. It brings back so many memories of spending a lot of time figuring out what to be for Halloween. 

School days were exciting, however, I would lose my voice every first day of school. My teacher would take attendance, and I could not respond with, "here". The kids in my class would giggle and make fun. This would last about a week. I wonder if it was my nerves or allergies. It was tough being a kid in grade school.

I remember having to go to gym and wearing a gym uniform. It was ugly, green and a hideous style.



My kindergarten class picture. I'm the one second row on the right, second girl in with neckerchief. I loved my teacher, Mrs. Silverman.

I could only find the gym uniform in blue. Do you see the bloomer style...ours were green, which looked worse.

Snacks that were sold at school.

The only snacks that were sold at school were carried in my a lunch employee. They sold pretzel rods 3 for 5¢. Cookies for 2¢. The cookies were one kind; chocolate and vanilla sandwich cookies.

These are the style cookies.... nothing fancy.

I loved these pretzels.....

Air raid drills were conducted a few times a year. They stopped in the early 60s.

I enjoyed the school lunches, they were so different than the food I ate at home.

Getting ready for the new school year

New clothes for school were always something to look forward to. Since my birthday was in August, most of my gifts were clothes for school. Plaid jumpers, winter dresses. Handkerchiefs were pinned to our skirts or dresses everyday.

I was in the lunch program, so I was given #74, for a hot lunch everyday. The food was so different than food at home. There was always white bread with butter (or margarine). Every day, we would have soup, either a sandwich with buttered white bread. The peanut butter sandwiches were always served with tomato soup.

On Wednesdays we would get ice cream!!!! It would be in a cardboard square. Most of us would squeeze  each side while holding it and others would open it up and eat it with a spoon. It was always chocolate, vanilla and strawberry. 

Sometimes, we would get a hot dog with buttered white bread. I didn't know how to eat it, so I would eat the soup and bread.


This is the style of school dresses I wore in 1958

Looks like my collection of handkerchiefs.

And another...

Here's another. Don't forget the handkerchief pinned on the dress.