Cooking with Love

with Gianna Conte (Jan)

Cooking with Love

with Gianna Conte (Jan)

My mom after being engaged to my dad. Nice legs!

We can't forget the most important Mother of all. The Blessed Mother.

May Newsletter

As a Roman Catholic, the month of May was designated as "The Month of Our Lady.'

I dedicate this Newsletter to the mothers in my life, that being my mother, Anna and my mother in law, Vi.

Upon pondering my mother's favorite foods, I remember her really enjoying fish. She cooked a lot of fish in all different styles. I should mention that my mother's birthplace was a seaside village, Giovinazzo on the Adriatic side of the southern part of Italy. They had an abundance of sea urchins, mussels, cuttlefish, calamari, octopus, eels and oysters.

Whenever I would go shopping with my mom, it would be so embarrassing for me because she was so fussy with the freshness of the fish. She would insist that he not give her old fish. Now, I am the same way and embarrass my children. Just passing on tradition.

While shopping for fish, mom would always pick up a pound of spearing for lunch. Spearing were tiny little silver fish. Mom would clean them thoroughly by removing heads and salting them while shaking them between 2 plates, vigorously. She'd rinse them and dress them with olive oil, fresh lemon juice and fresh parsley. With bread, we would eat them by using the bread as a fork. I didn't know that I was eating sushi. It was a private time I had with my mother, all to myself.❤️

My mother in law, Vi was married to an experienced fisherman. He would take my husband fishing and catch lots of fish and bring them home.From blue claw crabs, flounder, fluke, black fish, blue fish, striped bass, weakfish, whitting, cod fish and blowfish. All local saltwater species.


Fresh cod ready to be cooked.

Little spearing I would enjoy with my mom.

Fresh mussels ready to be cleaned

Oysters, mom's favorite. She would buy 1/2 dozen for herself because she was the only one who ate them. I wish I had tried one.

Cooked mussels. Get that toasted Italian bread.

Fresh sea urchin ready to eat.

Stuffed calamari simmering in marinara sauce.

My mother in law Vi.

Eel (capetone) cooked by sauteing in olive oil and lemon juice

Blackfish were caught and brought home to cook.

Grandma Sette. My mother's mother. I was named after her - Maria Giovanna.

My MIL Vi was a great cook. She would cook up whatever was caught. She would poach the fish, dress it with olive oil, fresh lemon, salt and pepper to taste. Oh, and plenty of fresh parsley.