Cooking with Love

with Gianna Conte (Jan)

Cooking with Love

with Gianna Conte (Jan)

Celebrating Fall

Apples are plentiful

I will be using a holiday pannetone for this special french toast. I sliced the pannetone into 1 1/2 inches thick. This serves 2


2 eggs

1/4 cup milk or cream

1 tsp vanilla

2 TBS Triple Sec or your favorite liqueur

Powdered sugar for dusting


1/2 cup cooked apples for topping (your favorite)


Slice panettone into enough slices as you need.

Combine eggs, milk, cinnamon, vanilla and liqueur.

Dip each slice and place in hot skillet with some melted butter. Let cook on medium heat, careful not to burn!

Slice your peeled apples into eighths. Cook in separate skillet with butter and brown sugar till tender.

Place on plate, dust with powdered sugar. Top with cooked apples.

You can add whipped cream on top!

Now that's a party!

This pannetone is a fancy Italian pound cake.

Slices of pannetone

Smelling good...yummy